About United Martial Arts

The Meaning of Karate

Karate is an ancient form of physical fitness and self defense developed over hundreds of years. The name "karate" is a shorter form of the Japanese word "karate do". This name is derived from "kara" meaning "empty," "te" meaning hand, and "do" meaning "the way." So, translated, the word we know as karate means "the way of the empty hand.''

Fact and Fiction

Over the years the popular media has portrayed the martial arts as brutal and has even attributed magical powers to them. Contrary to popular belief karate, taught correctly, is not about violence. It's about avoiding violence but protecting yourself if necessary. We also focus on the much deeper meanings such as self discovery and respect for others. The only magic in the martial arts is the magic within all of us. Through hard work and dedication we discover that magic by learning that we can do anything in life. In United Martial Arts you will do things that you never thought possible, not through magic but understanding.

Sport or Art?

Over the years the martial arts have taken many forms. Some focus on pure self-defense. Others are interested in the pure sport aspect. And still others try to stay as traditional as possible. We at United Martial Arts try to combine all three. We believe this gives the student the most well rounded experience. Although our main focus is on the precision of movements or the "art" of karate. Many of our students compete in local competitions and do quite well. No one is required to compete but it is encouraged. It is a great (and safe) way to test your skills against others.  

Kids and Karate

Karate is simply a great activity for kids.  Just as in any sport, the child gets much needed physical activity - something very important in these days of television and video games. Karate is different because of its long term focus. There is no "season" for karate as in other sports, so it can be a year-round activity. It is also something that can be practiced on your own.  Because of its very nature it teaches good health habits that last a lifetime.

We also differ from most traditional sports because we focus on the person. Each student is given personal attention. It is our goal to build up every student and not put them down. The mental aspect of the martial arts can't be overstated. We believe that self respect, respect for others, and a positive self image is key to a healthy life. 

A Word About Safety

As in any sport, especially a contact sport, there is a certain amount of risk. However compared to traditional sports, we suffer very few injuries. Many more children get hit by baseballs or elbowed playing basketball then are ever harmed studying karate. We take every precaution possible to ensure the students' safety.


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