There are many benefits, both physically and mentally, to studying martial arts. The first benefit is getting past the "I could never do that" syndrome. The first time some people see the martial arts in action, that's the first thing they say. The point is you CAN do it and if you CAN do this, you realize you CAN do anything. The reason that many people don't reach their goals is that they were never taught how to succeed. The positive lessons taught through martial arts can be applied to any goal. Perhaps you thought of going back to school, learning to scuba dive, change jobs, or anything you wanted to do but never thought you could. Or worse yet, perhaps it is something that others have said you could never do. We provide a safe environment where your goals are important and you are never told you CAN'T do something. To us, CAN'T is a four letter word!

Physical Fitness

Wellness experts and medical science tell us that the best way to stay healthy is through proper diet and regular exercise. It has been proven that good physical fitness can reduce the risk of many life threatening diseases including heart disease and certain types of cancer. More recent studies show that it can even help slow the effects of the aging process. Knowing all of these positive effects, many of us still don't get enough exercise. The reasons for this are many. Lack of time and motivation seem to top the list. Many of us start an exercise program but give up due to boredom or lack of progress. Karate is different in that it not only challenges the body but also the mind. The motivation is constant and the goals are real. Your fitness level increases as your skill increases, slowly and naturally. You don't need a scale or a measuring tape because you FEEL the difference. Finally, as your fitness improves you realize that you're learning a beautiful art that will become a part of your daily life. Most people just can't get the same satisfaction from pumping iron or doing aerobics.


Most people don't realize the importance of flexibility to good physical health. Anyone involved in sports knows that flexibility is vital to reduce the risk of injury. In karate, flexibility is essential because of the nature of our high kicks and generally stressful workout. Flexibility is not just vital in workouts. It helps promote blood flow to the muscles which improves muscle tone and posture. It can also help protect us during accidents such as slipping on a patch of ice. Improved flexibility can reduce the risk of tearing muscles and ligaments.

Self Defense

Let's face it, we live in a very dangerous world. No amount of self defense training can absolutely guarantee your safety, but karate can at least give you a chance. United Martial Arts teaches real life, practical self defense methods to help you get out of a dangerous situation.


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